Downloadable Tools For You and Your Youth

Anger Buttons

A great tool to help youth identify the triggers that create feelings of frustration and anger for them.  Identifying these triggers prepares youth for handling future situations with calming techniques.

Anger Catcher

A fun tool with multiple ways to tame those angry feelings. Instructions included for cutting and folding it to create those "cootie catcher/fortune teller" toys you may have made as a child.

"I Feel" Statement Sheet

Learning to express frustrations and concerns in an assertive way is essential to building healthy relationships.  These prompts can help kids (and adults) express what they want to say in a respectful and clear way.

    1. "I feel" - Explain your feelings
    2. "When" - Explain the situation, in a non-blaming way
    3. "Could you help me understand why" - Give the other person the opportunity to explain their choices/actions that hurt or frustrated you.
    4. "Next Time/In Future" - Request what would be helpful for the next time.

CFY Cell phone Contract

Having guidelines around devices can be a proactive step in creating healthy digital habits for your youth.  Involving your child in creating their agreement is a good way to collaborate and give them input.  It can also lead to dialogue around why device boundaries are so helpful for our mental health! We've created a customizable form including some helpful example guidelines to get the ball rolling.