A Journey Inspiring Trustworthy Character

The SCREAM curriculum for grades 6 and 7 students empowers students to think critically, feel deeply and act wisely to build trustworthy character. Character development provides students with a “deeply rooted” sense of self that promotes personal success and creates stability during seasons of transition in school and life.

SCREAM is a 12.5 hour program (5 units at 2.5 hours each) that meets provincial curriculum learning outcomes in British Columbia and Alberta. This program is exciting and energetic as key concepts are explored through a dynamic combination of team building games, role playing, media discussions with videos, small group time and self-reflective activities.  Students are engaged and encouraged to use their voice to build a stronger understanding of themselves and a deeper appreciation of their classmates.

5 Session Overview

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    S - Strengths

    Students discover their personal strengths using the Strengths Explorer© on-line analysis. Identified personal strengths become a solid foundation to build self-confidence that leads to academic and social success.

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    C - Character

    Students explore the foundations of character — values (with an emphasis on wisdom, integrity and courage) and develop the ability to connect motives to actions in order to make wise choices.

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    R & E - Review & Educationally Manage Media and Technology

    Students will learn to discern authentic and healthy interactions with social media and on-line interactions. They will critically analyze media messages and their potential influence on attitudes and choices.

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    A - Authentic Alliances

    Students are given the tools to create healthy relationships that promote success in shared community spaces, such as school, sports and home.

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    M - My Life is My Influence

    Students learn that all it takes is a willingness to give of themselves and their time to make a difference in the life of another — this is courageous, heroic living that helps create a lasting impact.

If your daughter (or son) can develop a sense of self that is deeply rooted, then she (he) will grow up to be a resilient and self-confident woman (or man)Dr. Leanord Sax