All the rage

All The Rage

All the Rage is a 5 session adult discussion circle designed to educate parents/adults about relational aggression (bullying).

Relational Aggression is aggression expressed relationally. It can create a hostile social environment in school settings, affecting children’s ability to learn and grow. Both boys and girls engage in engage in aggression, but most girls express aggression relationally.

They will:

  • Use relationships to inflict harm
  • Manipulate relationships with their peers.
  • Injure others’ feelings of social acceptance

All the Rage is a complement to the Voices program by providing parents with the coaching tools and resources to support their child’s social and emotional development.

5 Session Overview

  • How does it work?

    Defining RA and understanding the language of RA.

  • Who's involved?

    The three roles in RA: the aggressor, the kid in the middleand the victim.

  • What's the big deal?

    The seriousness and potential consequences of RA. Recognizing the danger signs.

  • How can we help?

    Filtering the media impact on children’s thoughts and behaviour. Developing skills to empower the victim and the kid in the middle to diffuse RA situations.

  • What's our job?

    To consider the connection of a healthy home/schoolenvironment to strong interpersonal relationshipsand good decision-making. To consider various parenting styles and their impact on children.

One of the most common grievances I heard from girls was: We remember everything. We never forget.” One girl explained why: “Boys duke it out. Girls they don’t finish (the fight).
It grows bigger.Odd Girl Out; Rachel Simmons