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Courage For Youth

Courage for Youth is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a safe social culture in which youth and parents are supported to develop social and emotional competencies towards success in school and life.

Instead of focusing on problems, CFY pro-actively fosters courage and wise decision-making based on sound values.

Seeing how much these kids retained the info from week to week, really seemed to take it in, and ask great questions showed their desire to use the tools.  It was so rewarding!!
– Jessica Zais, Program Volunteer

The Challenge for Youth Today

Time with Technology

Peer culture through technology is becoming the dominant influence in shaping our young peoples’ lives. A lack of safe boundaries and ethical online interaction exposes our youth to a dangerous world.

“Without enough face-to-face interpersonal stimulation a child’s neural circuits can atrophy, and the brain may not develop normal interactive social skills.”

– iBrain; Gary Small, M.D. and Gigi Vorgan

Toxic Media

Exposure to unrealistic stereotypes and superficial values are in opposition to the development of a thoughtful and contributing member of society.

“Girls struggle with mixed messages: Be beautiful, but beauty is only skin deep. Be sexy, but not sexual. Be honest, but don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Be independent, but be nice. Be smart, but not so smart you threaten boys.”

– Reviving Ophelia; Mary Pipher

Relational Isolation

Human connections are under siege leading to social and emotional isolation. We have more resources and more parents trying to be effective, but they are impacted by the anti-family elements in our culture.

  • 73% of youth do not have meaningful relationships with adults.
  • 80% do not believe adults in the community value them.
  • 63% do not have the assets (skills and knowledge) to resist negative peer pressure.

– The Search Institute

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If your (child) can develop a sense of self that is deeply rooted, then (they) will grow up to be a resilient and self-confident (adult.)Dr. Leanord Sax