We hear it all the time – you want to help your kids successfully navigate their world.  But with an ever changing cultural context, it can be hard to know where to start.  Sometimes the vast amount of resources and knowledge can feel like all too much.

The good news is that what they actually need the most is you!   For youth, having a relationship with a caring adult is the best most important asset they can have.  We can help build your toolbox for strengthening and maintaining that vital relationship.

The key active, core ingredient to building resilience are the relationships kids have to others who care about them.

 – Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University


Courage For Youth offers conferences to support parents & caregivers in their role.  Focusing on relevant topics, we equip you with the tools and confidence you need to be a student ally.  With insights into our culture and environment, our conferences help you foster conversations and respond to life events.  Teachings are research informed, experientially tested, and delivered with candor and humour.  Whether you are a parent, caregiver, teacher or other child and youth ally, we have something for you.

Past Conference Topic Include:

  • Coaching Your Child’s Relationships

  • Unique Parenting Roles

  • Navigating Media

  • Adult/Teen/Child Communication

  • Supporting Youth Mental Health

  • And More….

If your (child) can develop a sense of self that is deeply rooted, then (they) will grow up to be a resilient and self-confident (adult.)Dr. Leonord Sax