Children today are growing up in an increasingly complex and confusing culture.

Our children’s world comes with more opportunities and less clear guidance than ever before. CFY offers conferences to teach adults practical skills to arm and protect their sons and daughters to stand strong in a toxic culture. These men only and women only sessions are designed to inform, educate and address the unique roles and impact of being a Father and Mother.

Fight For YOUR Children

Becoming a Powerful Ally

  • Know their world

    The culture, media and peers

  • Know your role

    Women: Its not what you say, its who you are
    Men: The power of your presense, the impact of your voice.

  • Know their heart

    The authentic journey together

If your daughter (or son) can develop a sense of self that is deeply rooted, then she (he) will grow up to be a resilient and self-confident woman (or man)Dr. Leanord Sax