A Journey Inspiring Trustworthy Relationships

The Voices curriculum helps preteens develop and maintain positive friendships.

The program exposes students to the realities of relational aggression (bullying) and the importance of healthy communication with self and others. It promotes strong decision making skills, healthy relationship and develops self-respect. Presentations are fun and interactive by engaging students with role plays, videos, personal stories, daily challenges, and small group work.

Voices is a 10 hour program (5 sessions at 2 hours each) that meets provincial curriculum learning standards in British Columbia and Alberta. Voices can be delivered as an afterschool program, summer program, or within the classroom to aid in making a smooth transition into middle school.

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“I think the most impressive thing is that they got a real sense of ownership about their own feelings, behaviour and choices.
This is really powerful, important awareness for kids this age to develop. Thank you!”

– Sean Larkin, Grade 5 Teacher

Five Session Overview

  • Discover Your Voice

    Discover more about who you are, the community around you and what you value

  • Honour Your Voice

    Learn what makes up a personal boundaries and how to protect your boundaries

  • Build Your Voice

    Uncover how assertive communication helps us to deal wisely with conflict & peer pressure

  • Empower Your Voice

    Learn to recognize relational aggression and understand why it’s so common at every age. Practice strategies to be a strong bystander and stand up to bullies

  • Free Your Voice

    Discover how to keep your mind and voice healthy through letting go of hurtful experiences with peers, and generating healthy thought patterns. Celebrate with an ice cream party!

The most important skills in our lives are our relationship skills.
Without them everything else breaks down.Dr. Debra Peplar
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