Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Does my superhero have to fight the COVID virus specifically?

A: Nope!  Your superhero needs to think about how to help the people around them during Covid. There are so many ways to help – fighting the virus is only one of the ways.  Your superhero can do anything you want to imagine that is helpful


  1. Q: Do I have to post to a social media account to enter?

A: Yes.  In order for the challenge to reach and encourage as many people as possible, we need it to be connected to social media.  Social media also helps us be able to do the important work we do to help youth and their families as a charitable organization.  We really appreciate the support.

Don’t have a social media account? See next question…


  1. Q: What if I don’t have a social media account? How can I post to enter?

A: Parent/guardians can post on their accounts for the student.  We don’t recommend social media accounts for kids, though we recognize it is more common with older youth.  If there is no one in your family with an account, then you don’t need to post on social media to complete your entry.


  1. Q: What if I’m not available to watch the Fat Cat Virtual Children’s gala live when the winners are announced?

A: We will be announcing winners live, as well as emailing winners at the email address provided in their entry.  Please watch your junkmail – as it may end up there!  Winner emails will go out November 25/26, 2020.  You can include a contact phone number on your entry form if you would like to be notified by phone as well.


  1. Q: Why do I need to include my school & teacher on the entry form?

A: We need the school name for:

    • Awarding classroom pizza parties
    • Awarding a teacher prize
    • To share entries with our schools so they can display their superheros if they so choose!


  1. Q: What if I am homeschooled or I don’t attend a school?

A. Include the homeschool organization you are connected with.


  1. Q: What if I want to enter the contest but I don’t want my art available to be shared?

A: Anyone can use our guidelines to create a covid courage superhero for their own project.  If you would like your superhero to be entered for the challenge prizes, the entry must follow all guidelines including the release to share your artwork.  The challenge is designed to encourage our community by showcasing the creativity and courage of local youth.


  1. Q: I won! How do I collect my prize?

A:  Congratulations!!  You will be contacted via email with information as to how to collect your prize from our office. Classroom pizza parties will be arranged with teachers and delivered.


More Questions for us?  Be sure to check out all our resources on the Covid Courage Challenge Webpage including the detailed challenge guidelines, marking rubric, and question prompts. Otherwise, send ‘em to Chantelle, our Covid Courage Challenge contact ….